Socks and men


Unexplained Relationship

I have always wondered about the relationship between men and socks; have you ever checked the price of socks on shelves or even from businessmen on the streets? Ok, I do understand the high cost of living and the coming of GMO foodstuffs, which has significantly altered many people,’s shopping priority.

Others are continuously editing their budgets to accommodate inflated prices and as a result, some essential listed items are likely to be found in the recycle bin or nowhere if the shift+delete command is executed. Last weekend after being visited by a friend, I almost thought he had crossed out socks from his budgetary allocation years ago.

Before he entered, we already sensed the change of the environment; everybody in the house smelt a rotten rat somewhere. It was not easy to tell since rats are rarely found in the city after the introduction of “cockroach murderer” sold on Ronald Ngala Street. Although my daughter insisted on finding out what it was, I quickly changed the topic after my friend finally entered the house. I sent her to go for the TV remote, which she had left in the bedroom. Fortunately, by the time she came back, we had picked on another topic; catching up after years from college.

Having been in a boys’ school several years ago, I quickly identified the odor from my friend’s socks. What shocked me was the fact that he was neatly dressed but in dirty socks. For the first time I thought something was wrong with my friend.

To save him from the embarrassment, I kept the topic at bay. Nevertheless, it was quite uncomfortable to spend that time together. My daughter had to excuse herself to play outside adding that she was to come later after the rat had been disposed. What an embarrassment!

Auspiciously, my friend left in a hurry after he received an urgent business call. It was a big relief. He must also have been lucky that city dogs were not around to fight for his stinking shoes at the doorstep.

The Big Question

This incident left me wondering about men and socks. Why is it so hard for some men to buy socks? Besides this, do these people really have the sense of smell? Do they feel comfortable when a cloud of pong surrounds them in office and even at home? What about to workmates, classmates or even roommates for those in college? And to their wives?

Free Advice

Because of this, I have advice for men:

1. Keeping your feet clean is healthy to yourself and to those around you.

2. “Rewinding” of socks is unhealthy.

3. You do not have to buy expensive socks. It costs close to $ 1 to acquire 2pairs of quality socks on the streets.

4. To married ladies, please help your husbands in grooming. Otherwise, if you have a theorem that explains the relationship between men and socks, do not hesitate to share with Kensa News.

By Kensa


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