8 Truths About December

Welcome December

December 2014 is here. It is always one of the most anticipated months of the calendar. So what makes December different from the 11 other months of the year? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Official Eating Month

During Dec, most people take their sweet time to feast on what they have not tasted for long. Common edible victims include chicken and chapattis. In western Kenya, locals literally EAT Christmas.

  • Ushago

December allows people to travel to the village and see their folks. It is the best time of the year because most working people apply for their annual leave towards end of the year.

  • Unnecessary Expenditure

From unplanned visits to impulse buying, December exposes the descendants of Adam to financial indiscipline. It is during this time that children want their dads to buy the entire supermarket. Your wife will definitely need a change of their closet etc.

    • Pagans Go Church

PaganMany people remember their God in the holy month of December. It’s a time to go to church and pay Fungu la Kumi for the last 11 months. However, this should not be the case, remembering God and honoring Him with what He has given us should be a lifetime practice.

  • Crime

Many theories have been put forth explaining why muggers, thieves, and criminal gangs rise to the occasion in December. Regardless of the one you subscribe to, take care of yourself as you get into the festive season. Be cautious! Your safety starts with you.

    • Conception month

conceptionEver wondered why September and October of every year register highest births? Blame their brother December. Most married couples plan or are caught unaware as they ‘celebrate’. It is also a time when children born out of wedlock aka ‘out growers’ are thoroughly conceived. Reason? Tell us….

    • Pay Dowry

dowryFor men, December is the time ya kulipa madeni (paying debts), including dowry. Your in-laws are aware that probably you are Boko Haramu staying with their daughter courtesy of Okoa Bibi promotion. Boss, PAY dowry to enjoy your December.

  • Christmas

It is the reason for the season. Christmas sets apart December from other months. It is a time when Christians all over the world mark the Birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


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