I Want to Marry a ‘Church Lady’: God Of Perfect Matches

We Need Someone …

Everyone needs a perfect match as a marriage partner. For believers, you put your trust in God, wait on Him for His perfect time and pray “akupe macho ya kiroho uone na uoe.” And in deed history is replete with men and women, who waited, have waited, wait and are waiting on God, and has never let them down.

But wait! What happens to that guy (nonbeliever) who wants to marry a “church lady”, because she belongs to the “holy” species? He starts attending church, with a mission, “to hunt” a “church lady”.

After a few Sunday services, there is “hope.” The guy spots a “church lady” who appears to have been waiting for the opportune moment to say “Jehovah I Bless you.”

Soon, the hunter and the “church lady” are an item, chemistry is on and complexes of “love” are the products.

Wedding bells ring, vows are exchanged and the two, the hunter and the “church lady”, are declared wife and husband.

Just before you hold your peace forever, because you have nothing against their union, the “church lady” was also in church, on a mission; looking for a “church guy” to marry.

Oh my! Immediately after their honeymoon somewhere in Bermuda Triangle, (God Knows where), the two drop off their “church masks” and become a guy and a lady.

They find emptiness in every dose of their daily living, because the hunter never got a “church lady” and the hunted never got a “church guy”. What they don’t know is that God matched them and connected them because He is GOD OF PERFECT MATCHES.


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