KICKING THE BALLOT: Anarchy Reigns in Raila’s Party

ODM has once again proved to be home of anarchy after Senatorial Nomination in Homa bay failed to kick off yesterday (Monday).

Angry youths who were later described as hired goons disrupted the exercise, forcing everyone to scamper for their safety as they kicked tables, chairs and voting materials.

But this is not the first time ODM, led by Former Prime Minister, is demonstrating sheer lawlessness in the country.

Early this year, Raila’s party aborted its election exercise in Kasarani after the infamous ‘Men in Black’ caused mayhem.

With yesterday’s fiasco, a replica of Kasarani drama, ODM, a party that claims to ‘own’ democracy in this country, is proving to Kenyans the converse.

Homa bay electorate can now wait for a boardroom nomination, where a candidate dancing to the tune of ‘ODM gods’ will be endorsed.


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