KIMC: Where Itumbi Learned Blogging


Media training in Kenya has undergone massive transformation. With ever-mushrooming street colleges, and money-minting kiosks, you need a reputable school to horn your skills in the industry.

Regardless of the competition from Daystar, Multimedia, JKUAT and UoN-School of Journalism, among others, the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) remains the leading media trainer.

Its alumni grace our TV screens and Radio stations. From Editorial to Production, Local to International Media Houses, here are just but a sample of its unmatched products.

You Know Them….

  1. Dennis Itumbi – Director, Digital, New Media & Diaspora, GoK
  2. Linus Kaikai – Managing Editor, NTV
  3. Ferdinand Omondi –  BBC (formerly at KTN)
  4. Paul Nabiswa-BBC
  5. Catherine Kasavuli – Former Royal Media Services Queen
  6. Emmanuel Talam – Comm. Director DP Office (formerly at KTN & CCTV)
  7. Shisia Wasilwa – Reporter, Citizen TV
  8. Sophie Ikenye –  BBC World Service
  9. Leah Mutimba – News anchor, Radio Africa
  10. Dennis Onsarigo – Investigative Reporter, KTN
  11. Dennis Mugo aka OJ – actor and director
  12. Torome Tirike – Sports Editor/Anchor, K24
  13. Franklin Macharia – Reporter, K24
  14. Dennis Okari – Reporter, BBC
  15. Willy M Tuva – Citizen TV/Radio (Mseto EA)
  16. Shaffie Weru – KISS 100
  17. Jamleck Maina – Q TV/Qfm
  18. Stevens Muendo – Editor, Pulse Magazine
  19. Phillip Mwaniki – Editor, Zuqka Magazine
  20. Manuel Ntoyai – Editor, Spice Magazine
  21. Mwanahamisi Hamadi – News Anchor, Citizen TV
  22. Timo – ‘Hapa Kule News’, KTN
  23. Seth Onsario – Radio Maisha
  24. Clemo-Connect Cohost-Radio Maisha
  25. Mbaruk Mwalim-Citizen Reporter
  26. Zawadi Mudibo- WTV Anchor
  27. Icia Macharia-Citizen Sports
  28. Anjellah Owino- Pulse
  29. Fred Indimuli-Radio Africa
  30. Carole Kimutai- Former Editor KIM
  31. Margaret Wahito- Capital FM
  32. Mohamed Adow- Al Jazeera English
  33. Dayo Yussuf – BBC
  34. Mary Mwikali (Formerly at Venus)

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