GENIUS CONVICT: UoN ‘Student’ cum Convict Vanishes After Final Paper

Police have launched a manhunt for death row inmate Peter Kamau Ndung’u.

Peter Kamau Ndung’u is a graduate of Strathmore University (CPA), and a B.Com student at the University of Nairobi, Kabete Pesa.

Last Wednesday, Peter Kamau Ndung’u, a convict, sat for his final paper at Lower Kabete campus and vanished after handing in his script.

Because of the trust prison officers had in him and his ‘reformed’ behavior, Peter Kamau Ndung’u was in neither uniform nor handcuffed.

No one knows why Peter Kamau Ndung’u slithered after his last paper, but he must have seen a freedom chance, which he could not let go, after 15 years behind bars.

Oh my! What a genius!

Additional Reporting By DN


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