I LOVE YOU: What every Woman Wants to hear

Love is like a ghost; everyone talks about it but none has seen. Undoubtedly, falling in love can be such an interesting thing, especially if it is with the right person. You become one body, and always feel like life would become meaningless without him or her. ‘I love you’ become the daily lyrics, as you drown in the bottomless pit of romance.

As you grow in each other however, and with the exhausting demands of life, it is possible to forget or not see the need of telling your sweetheart, “I love you.” This can be depressing especially if you have grown in each other enough. It is possible for the other party to feel out of the equation of love.

Therefore, the big question is, how often should you assure her of your love? It is true that actions mean a lot more than lip service. Nevertheless, a woman’s heart is connected to her ears. She will always believe in what you tell her even if it is the fattest lie on earth.

Go ahead and tell her “I love You” and see the magic


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