Why Women Go For Money and Not Love

Ladies and money are inseparable. That is a fact! Money rules the feminine world. When it comes to love, men find themselves in the thick like cash cows.
Majority (not all) of ladies would do anything to have a moneyed man have his way, bear footed at Lake Victoria, with true love as the opportunity cost.
This explains why in modern day and age, winning a fine lady without money is a tall order. While it is almost impossible to track the genesis of this crop of women, who treat men like ATM machines, ladies ought to reexamine their greed.
True love is not anchored on a fat bank account, 6 figure salary or flashy life. If you think otherwise, then you are an explanation of why divorce stats are hitting the ceiling every day. Sad though, most people filing divorce cases are filthy rich.
What comes first, love or money?


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