Christmas and New Year Friendship Shit

The aftermath of the festive season is here. There is likelihood that your text inbox is jam-packed. Your WhatsApp has numerous unread messages, with hundreds of MBs of ‘nonsense’ videos to watch.

When you check your email on Monday 5th, you are likely to experience shock of the year; messages from people you have not heard from for close to a year.

Is this friendship or just a form of digital inconvenience that guys bring to your doorstep? It will take you time to clean up the mess, created by Christmas and New Year friends. Why does it hit you in only in December that your friend needs a 100% plagiarized messages!

It is saddening that in the process of sending the trashy texts, videos and entire junk to where it belongs, you will lose your meaningful emails, documents, and valuable texts.

You may have realized that most of the people you call friends have hit creativity menopause and the only art they have perfected is forwarding texts. Worse, though, some still pass on personalized messages bearing other people’s names to sound ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’.

That is why you will receive goodnight messages at midday and a text referring to a New Year Party ‘you attended’ in Machakos when you were in the village somewhere in Loitoktok with your folks.

As 2015 starts kicks off, purpose to remind old friends you haven’t forgotten them and let new ones know, you never will.

Happy New Year as you empty your inboxes to get rid of the friendship ‘shit’.


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