Why Luhyas Love Ugali More than ‘NINI’

Ever wondered why men and women from western Kenya adore ugali? Well, even leading research firms still fumble with this question. Here, ugali is eaten at least twice, lunch and evening. In extreme cases, ugali is also part of breakfast.

According to the sons and daughters of Mulembe, githeri, rice, pilau, chapatti and madondo are all snacks. Serving any Luhya family with a snack for dinner is an abomination.

If you are a single lady eying Wafula, then be rest assured, ugali-cooking-test awaits you. In western, families are sizable, with eight average households.

If the Luhya council of elders were to implement this requirement of ugali-baking for one to qualify as a daughter-in-law in the Wanga Kingdom, no Nyambura would ever qualify. Why? In central, there is a thin line between ugali, rice, and porridge.


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