Mzee Ojwang is DEAD. #RIPMzeeOjwang

Kenyan veteran actor Benson Wanjau aka Mzee Ojwang is dead. Mzee Ojwang died Sunday evening at the Kenyatta National Hospital where he had been admitted.


Mzee Ojwang is said to have been suffering from Pneumonia.

Kenyans will remember Mzee Ojwang for the key roles he played in local programmes like Vitimbi, Vioja Mahakami, Vituko and Kinyonga.

Prior to his death, Mzee Ojwang had disappeared from Television screens for a long time, leaving Kenyans who derived pleasure in his talent guessing about his fate.

Mzee Ojwang in Action

The news of Mzee Ojwang’s death spread like bush fire with Kenyans on Twitter flooding #RIPMzeeOjwang with heartfelt condolence messages.


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