Abel Muhatia Reveals His ‘Former’ Crush-Mercy Chep

It is very normal to have a crush on someone. That feeling that overwhelms you when you first meet someone and start imagining the unthinkable. While this is the case, people hardly disclose their crush.

However, Abel Muhatia, a budding journalist sees nothing wrong revealing a lady he once thought was God’s chosen one, her name, Mercy Chep.

Mercy, also a journo to be, is celebrating her 20 something birthday, which gave Muhatia a golden chance to reveal to the world that this chick once upon a time, ‘confused’ him.

This is what Abel commented on Mercy’s photo “Happy Birthday Mercy #OnceUponAtimeCrush

Happy Birthday Mercy from Kensa Family. For Abel, keep hoping and never stop dreaming! Your dreams are valid.


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