‘Bukusu god’; Jehovah Wanyonyi, 70+ Wives, 360 Children, Regretted Marrying Few Women

Jehovah Wanyonyi, the ‘Bukusu god,’ was born in 1925 and named William Wanyonyi

He began his ‘ministry’ or cult in 1957. Several attempts were made on his life and was jailed for three years for his religious beliefs.

In 1962, he fled into exile in Uganda for two years, upon return in 1964, he soldered on, and founded the Lost Israelites of Kenya sect.

Many of Jehovah Wanyonyi followers, including Jehovah himself, do not know where Israel is, though they agree that it is not in Kenya. They think it may be somewhere in Africa.

The cult is organized into a strict hierarchy. Jehovah Wanyonyi, naturally, is the highest authority. Then comes the “prophet of God”, second in command.Wanyonyi

The prophet of God and the high priests are responsible for Jehovah’s welfare, such as food, and other needs. They also decide if Jehovah needs additional wives.

In the early ’80s Wanyonyi lived in Bungoma, and could claim more than 7,000 followers.

Wanyonyi fled with his family and a small number of followers, to Mount Elgon district.

This was after the people of Bungoma turned against him, burnt his houses and chased him and his family out of the county.

While in Elgon, Wanyonyi foresaw that the end of the world would come in 1995, 2000 and 2002. His followers were disappointed that it didn’t happen, and lost faith in him.

The people of Mount Elgon also chased Wanyonyi away. That is how he settled at Chemororoch village.

Jehovah WanyonyiJehovah took a shower once or twice a week because of lack of water in the village.

Jehovah Wanyonyi has survived 70 widows, at least 360 children and more than 1,000 grandchildren. He regretted that he did not marry more when he was younger.

Get more details In Jehovah’s village


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