Advantages of GMOs and Why Kenya May Not Benefit from #RutoGmoDeal

Did you know that genetically modified organisms, commonly known as GMOs have benefits? May be this is why you need to take a second thought when Deputy President William Ruto is lecturing Kenyans on how this biotechnology will address Kenya’s food security crisis.

Here is what Kenya stands to gain once the government lifts the GMO ban, a plan that has rubbed Kenyans the wrong way.

Pest resistance crops: Besides food security, which the government talking about and not telling Kenyans we became food insecure in the first place, GMO foods have been modified to resist insect pests. Some people support GMOs on the basis that since there will be less use of pesticides, this may reduce environmental pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and soil erosion.

Highly nutritious foods: According to the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization, some GMO foods have been engineered to be more nutritious in terms of mineral or vitamin content. FAO says embracing this biotech would help battle malnutrition in the developing world. That sounds like good news.

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GMOs vs. Food Security

Instead of the government using ‘food security’ as the only weapon to receive ‘sympathy’ from the public and make Kenyans feel backward because they do not embrace the so called ‘food technology’, when they have genuine concerns, it should address these pertinent issues.

It is disheartening that Kenyans are starving to death, drought is hitting hard and… the situation is really dire in some parts.

It is unacceptable to have over 19,000 children dying annually because of malnutrition”. It is sad indeed. But do we need a GMO answer to sort out this?

Who said GMOs offer the best solution? Some of these regions like Wajir have agricultural potential through irrigation. Since the government’s ban on GMOs, what has it done to address food insecurity in these places? How many irrigation projects have been set up?

There is more to the GMO TALK than meets the eye. #RutoGmoDeal

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