What are GMOs? Understanding genetically modified organisms

When the government recently announced a plan to lift a ban on genetically modified organisms commonly known as GMOs, there was outcry from Kenyans of all walks of life, except for a few who are either in the GMO business or informed about GMOs.

But what exactly are GMOs? This article is dedicated to you, who want to know more about GMOs, and if there is, need to worry about our health.

What are GMOs?

GMOs stand for “genetically modified organisms.” These are living organisms, whose genetic composition has been artificially manipulated or altered in the laboratory through genetic engineering, GE.

GMO technology therefore creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes, which do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods.

Growing Concern about GMOs

Despite biotech industry promises, there is no GMOs trait on the market that offers increased yield, drought tolerance, enhanced nutrition, or any other consumer benefit.

Of great concern however, is the growing body of evidence, which connects GMOs with a chain of deadly health problems, environmental damage and violation of farmers’ and consumers’ rights.


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