7 Tips That Will Land You an Internship without Hustle

Finding an internship can be a daunting task for college and university students. With ever-rising rates of unemployment, today securing an internship is becoming more complicated than landing a job. The competition is just too high and sometimes even the fittest do not survive. While this is the case, some students are to blame for their slim chances of getting an industrial attachment. Here are some of the strategies that will make you land an internship even as a first year.

Go for it. No one will look for you

Gone are the days when potential employers begged training institutions for intern students. With the rising population of graduates, coupled with limited slots, chance will come your way only if you go for it. Show your interest by making the first step of applying for internships.

Apply using correct channel

Companies ask interested internship applicants to either apply via email, or drop their letters in-person. However, with the advancement in technology, organizations are doing away with paperwork and preferring online application through their websites. You do not want to be the black sheep that drops your letter at the reception when everyone else is applying online.

Package yourself; you are a product

See yourself as a product on the market. What is your value? Does your price tag tally with your presentation? Apply the 4p’s of marketing.

Packaging yourself includes having a flawless cover letter that brings out your greatness, an updated resume. Always have your CV ready and saved on your email to access it from anywhere. If you do not have one, work on it ASAP.

Networking: the job market is a web

Finding an internship today is more like finding a job. Let your friends in different organizations know that you are looking for an internship. You will find messages, emails, and calls notifying you about internship opportunities. This is important because you cannot beware of all the opportunities.

Check with your College Career Office

Some organizations approach training institutions for their best students. You may not be the best student overall, but who knows, you could be on the list. Just find out.

Make finding an internship your job

Set targets and a roadmap to help you land a job. List down all the organizations you are targeting. Do not send a single application letter and wait for a call. Increase your chances by considering as many organizations as possible depending on your field of study. There is no harm receiving positive answers when you have already reported at your station for internship. However, expect either a regret or congratulatory response.

Be outstanding during interview and leave a mark

Because of the cutthroat competition, most HR officers prefer meeting potential internship applicants for a face-to-face interview before making a final decision. Since almost every student seeking internship today is smart and average, do not settle for this. Be outstanding. Organizations are looking for candidates who stand out from the crowd. Leave a mark in the mind of the panelists. Even if they do not recall your name, they will remember your outstanding performance.


Good luck as you look for an internship.


2 thoughts on “7 Tips That Will Land You an Internship without Hustle

  1. Indeed building a brand is as important as finding and creating one’s own niche…internship like any other opportunity must be seen and perceived as a great break


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