#WaiguruVsGoogle: “My Children are being bullied harassed and embarrassed”

Jubilee’s ‘favorite’ Minister Anne Waiguru has renewed her battle with Internet giant Google, seeking compensation for an alleged defamatory story that was published by Daily Post.

Ms Waiguru has filed a fresh suit against Google, its subsidiary Blogger Inc and Kenyan website Daily Post seeking payment for the story, which was published in the wake of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s sacking of Gor Semelango, The former chairman of the Youth Development Fund.

Ms Waiguru had in a separate suit last year sued Google and its Kenyan subsidiary Google Kenya seeking to compel them to reveal owners of the Daily Post website.


“The suit cannot be heard until the respondents are served with all the pleadings. Since the material is freely available on the World Wide Web to anyone with a computer, Smartphone or tablet, it has been used to bully, harass and embarrass my school-going children,” says Ms Waiguru in court papers.

See full Story Here


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