Kindly Take Safe Selfie, Dangerous Sefie Kills

Selfie ‘madness’ is probably the current threat to etiquette caused by the mobile phone technology.

But what is maybe of greater concern is the risk people take, to take a selfie. Selfie-takers are really doing it in dangerous places including rooftops, on busy highways, in crowds of rowdy bulls, at fire scenes and even while holding guns and explosives. Lives have been lost…rules enacted but still… the threat is real…

Read here why Russia Launched a Safe-Selfie Campaign

In the latest fatal incident, that has left the State of Texas mourning, a teenager died after he shot himself as he posed for a selfie with a gun. Just imagine…

The teenager, Deleon Alonso Smith died after the bullet slit his throat.

Read full story here 19-year-old fatally shoots self as he takes selfie with pistol

Why would you risk your life by taking a dangerous selfie? Why selfie and drive? To look good, right? How does that teenager look right now, good? Nay!!!

Next time you reach out to your cool gadget to show off in the name of a selfie, just know that your friends could be taking a selfie with your remains/casket the following minute. Stay Safe, Selfie safe


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