CHURCH ON TRIAL: Woman Who Respected God and Refused to License SAME-SEX Jailed

A defiant clerk in Kentucky, who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, is now in jail.

Kim Davis has for 2 months now remained adamant and declined to license gay unions since the Supreme Court recognized same-sex marriages as a fundamental human right.

While jailing Davis, U.S. District Judge David Bunning said, he had no choice but to detain Kim Davis for contempt.

Davis had earlier insisted that her “conscience will not allow” her to follow federal court rulings on gay marriage.

She stood her ground saying gay unions contravene God’s moral law. “God’s moral law conflicts with my job duties. You can’t be separated from something that’s in your heart and in your soul,” Davis told the judge before she was imprisoned.

Fearing to lose their jobs, five of her deputies agreed to comply with the law, ending a two-month church-state standoff in Rowan County.

The Judge said Davis’ faith could not supersede federal court ruling.

“Her good faith belief is simply not a viable defense,” Bunning said. “I myself have genuinely held religious beliefs … but I took an oath.”

Davis said the U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide conflicts with the vows she made when she became a born-again Christian.

“I promised to love Him with all my heart, mind and soul because I wanted to make heaven my home,” Davis said.

Rather than be fined, jailed or lose their jobs, five of the clerks told the judge they would issue the licenses.

“I don’t really want to, but I will comply with the law,” said one, Melissa Thompson. “I’m a preacher’s daughter and this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life,” she added. “I don’t hate anybody … None of us do.”

Further reporting by Fox News


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