Kenyan Men Killing Strong Women As the Future Gets Bleak for Gender Equality

Cases of Kenyan women being hounded out of office are becoming order of the day. Nancy Baraza, Gladys Sholei… and now Grace Kaindi are a pointer to a society that does not appreciate strong women rising to power.

Repeatedly, the manner in which these women are kicked out of office is demeaning, inhuman and negates the spirit of a fair society that recognizes women as equal beings, rather than second-class citizens.

Kenyan Men determined to deplete Women

The greatest threat to the success of powerful women is, first, men.

We are in a male-dominated society. A society where male chauvinism and overflowing cup of ego is what defines a man. We are a nation where being a man means suppressing a woman. We are a nation that male dominance is seen as modernity.

We are a society that will do everything to pull down our women, using unthinkable and unconventional means.

Moving from a past where women had to beg for permission to cough and even today a woman passing gas while in bed with her husband, risks a divorce in some parts of this country. While this is the case, men have a responsibility to promote an environment that allows these women to sprout.

Women fight women

The second threat is women themselves. How many times do you see a woman support a woman on any course? They will always take a back seat and watch one of their own, mauled by ruthless men, whose satisfaction and measure of performance is pegged on humiliating a woman and assassinating who they are. They literally beat their chests and celebrate in drinking sprees for making a woman weep in public. How heartless is a man’s soul?

Grace Kaindi

Like many if not all men in top positions in this country, the embattled former DIG Grace Kaindi has performed and failed. No doubt about it… and probably performed very well and failed terribly. It is human. Even strong men that lived blundered along the way.

Did Kaindi Retire or was she retired

The recent happenings surrounding one Grace Kaindi is a mockery to women and a violation of the laws of this land. The conflicting statements from various arms of government leave many questions unanswered.

Instead of explaining circumstances that have led to the sacking of Kaindi, men in charge appear to have learned the word ‘incompetence’ the other day. What is incompetence? Aren’t you being incopmtent too if you cannot explain Kaindi’s incompetence?

The Drama of men

In particular, Interior and National Coordination CS Joseph Nkaissery is on record saying there was no qualified woman to replace Kaindi. ‘Like seriously…’

NPSC Chair, Johnson Kavuludi in a bid to massage the ego of men, and prove that women belong to the kitchen, dismissed the sacking allegations saying the DIG had attained retirement age of 60 years.

It is even more embarrassing, despicable and ridiculous that the Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinett is reported to have tried to ‘evict’ Kaindi from office on Thursday to pave way for presidential nominee to the position, Joel Kitili.

As this is happening, cases of police officers, committing, raping disabled women, minting cash from poor Kenyans on roads are all over. Has anyone declared him incompetent? Isn’t he the police Boss?

While the President may have had the best interest of this male chauvinist nation at heart to replace Grace Kaindi, the unfolding events reveal lack of dignity for women and total disregard to who they are.

But even as the trend continues, it is disheartening that Kenya is indeed killing her Sun.


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