Women love first, Men love forever…

When it comes to commitment, women are much ahead of men. Once you meet a lady and exchange contacts, she is already seeing a friendship, when you become friends, she is in a relationship with you and without your knowledge and before you start dating, she is your wife… now that is commitment and ladies have perfected that art. But for a men, the focus is on love, something long lasting, in death and in life … in everything and not mere emotional oscillations that may fade… let me explain this using a borrowed true story…

Armed Robbers came into a couples’ house. After robbing them, they handed over a gun to The husband to shoot and kill his wife, or they will shoot him dead.

The husband started pleading for mercy that he could not shoot his wife because he loved
her so much …the Robbers gave him a Hot slap.

And took the Gun from him and have it to the wife.To shoot the husband or she will be shot by the thieves. The wife without wasting time, shot straight at the husband, but there was no bullet in the Gun!

The Robbers started laughing and left….

For once, assume you were the husband, what would you have done?


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