Kentucky Clerk Who Refused To License SAME SEX Marriages Released From Jail

Crowds of people have rallied in support of Kim Davis in Kentucky after her release from jail. The charged people were shouting: “We serve a living God…Don’t let down.”

A defiant Kim Davis was jailed last week for refusing to license same-sex marriages.

A judge ordered her release today; nearly a week after she was jailed in Grayson, Kentucky.

“After remanding Defendant Davis to the custody of the U.S. Marshal, five of her six deputy clerks stated under oath that they would comply with the Court’s Order and issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples,” an order issued by U.S. District Judge David Bunning said.

“On September 8, 2015, Plaintiffs filed a Status Report at the Court’s behest. According to the Report, Plaintiffs have obtained marriage licenses from the Rowan County Clerk’s Office,” the order noted. “The Court is therefore satisfied that the clerk’s office is fulfilling its obligation to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples.”

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