TNA preys on Ruto as URP prays for Ruto…Who is fooling who?

Kensa News!

The Jubilee marriage, which partly materialized because of the ICC cases that were facing one Uhuru Kenyatta, who consequentially won the 2013 Elections and his Deputy William Ruto must be facing a rocky moment.

After The Hague based court admitted into evidence statements, which had been recanted under oath by ‘witnesses’, TNA and URP leaders seem to be reading from different scripts.

Besides what MPs are now describing as changing the rules of engagement in ICC’s handling of the Kenya cases, URP allies feel that Uhuru’s TNA lost interest in the case on the day the President was ‘cleared’. And that President’s side no longer prays.

Could it be that as URP leaders are busy holding what have now become ICC prayers, their TNA counterparts are celebrating?

Should Ruto go for presidency in 2017 so that he can engage state machinery and resources to have himself cleared by the ICC?


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