Life through the eyes of a Pastor’s Kid; Meisi Tamar

Ever wondered how it feels being a pastor’s kid? Put yourself in that shoe for a moment. Your mom or dad belonging to the men of cloth, MOG, mtumishi, mchugaji etc… But wait a minute…the society’s expectations of the pastors’ sons and daughters is sometimes overwhelming. They see them as being ‘closer to God’ than ‘ordinary’ kids.

So, what exactly does it mean and feel to be a pastor’s kid? Meisi Tamar is one such kid, though today she is a full-grown virtuous woman, the songbird behind Kiwango, (God’s Standards), shares her story here

“…Soon she became a very respected member in the church and of course that respect and love trickled down to us, her children. There were times my brother and i would joke about the benefits of being a preacher’s kids. He wasn’t born again yet (Not sure of now either) but he said there was a time he was among some preachers in Nakuru and all of them were ignoring him. Then one of the ladies serving food recognized him and shouted “Si wewe ni kijana wa Mama Meisi…..Ule muhubiri”…”


Excerpt from: I AM A PASTOR’S KID read on here


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