Has Radio Citizen Fired Jilani Wambura?

The layoffs in the media industry are not about to end.

Guarded information reaching us state that Jilani Wambura is no longer on S.K Macharia’s payroll.

Jilani who has been reading news at Radio Citizen is said to have been sacked after several warnings fell of a deaf ear.

The gap may not however be felt after Joseph Njane who was handsomely poached from Uhuru Kenyatta’s Milele Fm fittingly replaced him.

If truly Jilani is fired, then he joins a bulging list of media personalities who are being screwed day and night for either redundancy or indiscipline.

Recently, a raging sword swept big shots at Standard Group and NMG. Not even Sheila Mwanyigah of NTV or Mungatana’s wife Mwanaisha Chidzuga were spared.

Read: Sheila Mwanyigah, the latest victim of ongoing media sackings after Sanaipei Tande


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