‘Come Baby Come’: Raila Dares Waiguru to Sue Him

A legal showdown is looming between Devolution CS Anne Waiguru and CORD leader Raila Odinga after the minister threatened to sue Odinga for defamation over claims of linking her to the NYS mega corruption sandal.

Through her lawyer Mohammed Muigai, Waiguru whose docket is at the center of the multimillion scam said Raila’s July List of Shame was false and injurious to her reputation.

The lawyer says in uttering the statement:

“We will not take the President seriously on the war on corruption until all thieves are treated equally. The law must apply on scandals over IFMIS, NYS, and IEBC in the same ways as the roads and other ministries,” Raila was reckless and did not bother to verify the accuracy of his claims.

However, Odinga seem not to be shaken by Waiguru’s threats at all. In a quick rejoinder, Raila, through his Legal Advisor Paul Mwangi says:

A lawsuit filed by Ann Waiguru is a great opportunity for her to come, take the stand and explain to Kenyans on oath, the shenanigans that have been reported in respect of NYS and IFMIS and her involvement or lack thereof in those issues. Particularly, it is a great opportunity to explain to Kenyans how and why she is receiving preferential treatment from the president in matters of corruption unlike other cabinet secretaries. This is what Raila refers to when he says people are not being treated equally in matters regarding the fight against corruption.”

More details by SDE


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