Top 10 Things That Run In the Mind of the Bride on the Wedding Day

Perhaps the bride bears more emotional pressure on the wedding day than the groom. Many things linger in her mind as she glows in the gown, with makeup concealing the slightest evidence that she is ‘worried’ or thinking hard. But even with the romantic aura and the cheering friends and relatives, including #TeamMafisi also present, deep in her mind, many things make endless circles. Here are some:

  1. What are the in-laws thinking about me?
  2. What are my friends saying about my husband?
  3. Is the mother-in-law satisfied with me?
  4. Will the food be enough?
  5. How will the first night experience be like?
  6. How will I look like when am expectant?
  7. How many children will I have?
  8. ….
  9. ….
  10. …..

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