RISING FROM THE ASHES: The Story of Rosemary Njage

Behind a person’s success, there is always a story. Hardly do people rise from the ashes without unforgettable footsteps. Oftentimes, the memories of the past keep them going. This is why it is important to flip through a book, read the intro, a few chapters and then… make a judgment. Similarly, always take a walk in a person’s past to understand them better. Otherwise, you might live with a wrong impression about them.

Rosemary Njage is not new to many Kenyans, especially avid listeners of gospel music.

Born and raised in South Meru, Rosemary is the songbird behind Mtukuze Bwana (2006), Mambo Ya Dunia (2009) and Kula Neno (2014) albums.

So, how did Rosemary start?

“I came to Nairobi 2003 from Meru after my O- level looking for a job. I could not get any job so I had to take a job that was readily available…a housemaid. I worked there faithfully and as I was doing my house chores…I was still working on the songs God had deposited in my heart,” says Rosemary, wife to Duncan ole Ottoma and mother of two, Royal and Yaddah.

When she released her first album in 2006, things did not work out as she had thought, but she never gave up. With full support of her husband, the mellow-voiced songster released another album in 2009 after getting married, which she says was a blast.

“After getting married in 2009, I did my second album, Mambo Ya Dunia, sponsored fully by my husband. This was a blast. It won Kigoco awards in 2013. I did my third album in 2014 called Kula Neno, which was so well received by the media and the public.Rosemary Njage

Rosemary who is working on her fourth album, which she reveals should be out in four months time, says, “The songs have been a big blessing to the body of Christ.”

Even though she remembers her humble beginnings as a house help, Rosemary says these servants are a great challenge to her music career.

“My greatest challenge in music has been unstable house girls. I have had to cancel some important meetings on many occasions just to stay with my kids…because a house help has decided to leave without a notice,” recalls Rosemary who looks up to Sarah K, a household name in Kenya’s Gospel Industry. “My role model is Sarah K. She has always been there for me from my wedding day and I have learnt a lot from her.”

So far, she has been to five countries including Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa and the United States, doing what she loves most; inspiring the world, touching lives and reaching the unreached, through Gospel Music.


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