Go STEAL! How Ciku is Nagging Her Sponsor

It is around midnight; very chilly and not good news for bachelors in the city. Everybody seems to be asleep and dreaming. The dead silence tells me so. No commotion even in my neighbor’s bedroom that lies right on top of mine, and once in a while, their erotic soundtracks penetrate my ceiling. On this night, they are probably fasting, and guaranteeing me peace. I have several neighbors, staying alone though I am afraid to consider them single.

Ciku is among them. Slightly tall, light skinned, and in her mid 20s, from the looks (although they deceive), the daughter of Mumbi is a working class lady, at least from the introduction we had a day ago. She leaves very early and comes back late. She has just moved to this place, and as we were breaking the ice, she is concerned that her expensive mtush might not be safe because of the thievery rumors she already has. My advice to her, “Just be vigil.”

Back to that chilly night. It appears Ciku or Shikoo and I are the only creatures still awake. I hardly sleep early because I do not have much to do in bed apart from snoring like an Isukha bull that feeds on bhang (Inzaka) before a Boni Khalwale sponsored bullfight.

Ciku, assuming that no neighbor is listening, is making a phone call at the top of her voice. Whining. She is hard on the recipient. She is broke but her ‘sponsor’ equally has needs and doing nothing to save her. Ciku insists that what she wants is money, “Nataka pesa” she yells repeatedly, almost losing her breath. The man’s efforts to convince Ciku fall on a dead and decomposing ear. “I don’t care if you have money or not. Mimi nataka pesa. Kwani wewe ni mwanamme wa aina gani” At this point, the lady is boiling and everyone on the apartment can get the conversation loud and clear.

What baffled me and left me sympathizing with men hooked to the so called modern day and age working class single and nagging ladies is how Shiko without a second thought told her man on call to even go steal if that will guarantee her money for salon. ‘Sitaki kujua, go steal. What I want is money. Nataka kwenda salon,’ she squalled…. The conversation ends and I engage a sleep mode as I think of how today’s brood of girl’s is in love with money, even for working class, just like Ciku.



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