Here are 10 reasons Why Kenyans hate their jobs

Do you love your job? If yes, then you must be a lucky soul. You are among few Kenyans who can afford a smile because of their occupation. Millions of employed folks are dying to quit their jobs. They find emptiness in every second that elapses at their workplace. Day and night, they curse the day they landed that job. But why? Here are 10 reasons why Kenyans hate their jobs passionately:

  1. Forced to pursue the career

Many working Kenyans are unhappy lot because they are doing something that was imposed on them. You probably, after high school, got a slot at a public university courtesy of JAB to pursue a course who never applied for. Or, you scored an A, and everyone in your community/family and lineage insisted you become a doctor, engineer or lawyer. Ulifanya degree ya baba and now you’re working for Baba. That is suicidal.

  1. Poor pay

Save a small percentage of the working class, Kenyans earn peanuts. They earn embarrassing salaries. They earn monies that cannot meet their needs. They are always broke immediately they pay rent. Because of unlimited needs, they hate their jobs.

  1. Too much work

If you swing on a chair in your office, have breaks, breathe air-conditioned oxygen, etc, thank heavens. Majority of Kenyans eat their sweat. They do donkeywork to earn a living. They get home empty bodies and heads. Misused individuals.

  1. No leave no off

Does this sound strange? Not in this region of the world. Many employed Kenyans know no leave nor off. Their calendar runs from Jan to Jan, Mon to Monday. This is barbaric and definitely, nothing to smile about.

  1. Inhuman bosses

They are there. They treat like a wild animal. They insult. Misuse you. And at the end of the day, they send you home with peanuts if you are that lucky. Otherwise, you go home empty-handed.

  1. Traffic

For Nairobians, a thought of spending 2 hrs in traffic in the morning and another 2hrs in the evening is enough to take away job-happiness. The situation never improves.

  1. No contract

It is common to meet jobless Kenyans who had admirable jobs 24 hrs earlier. Reason? No contract. Companies are operating like kioks. You do not know rights. Your job security is in the hands of that cruel bustard called boss.

  1. Waking up in the morning

Many Kenyans snooze their alarms before finally kicking the blanket. Sleep is sweet, but you cannot afford to enjoy it because of your job. Waking up and sleeping late has become a norm.

  1. Inability to balance between work and family

For those in marriage and have a family, it is hard to find your career-family equilibrium. Both sides need you. You resort to frowning and cursing your job.

  1. Lack of contentment

Even with fat salaries, Kenyans never get full. They are simply under the spell of greed. They long for more. Admire what their neighbors’ have and find their jobs demeaning.

  1. You never worked for that job

If you were given that job by your uncle or influential dad, you will perhaps not enjoy. If you landed that job because you slept with your boss, woe unto you! If you got that job necause of your sponsor, happiness won’t be your passion.

Bottom-line: Turn the hate into passion. As long as you hate your job, you remain an empty soul, with eternal emptiness. #iHateMyJobCoz





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