KTN has raided EBRU TV, which is on its deathbed and poached its best talent, Akisa Wandera. Akisa who joins the likes of the ‘very blessed’ Lindah Oguttu will be anchoring prime time news. With her excessive beauty, curves and hot figure, Anita will definitely leave men wanting more of her. They will drool to the very end and even watch late night news. For those who know nothing about Akisa Wandera, GetTheWholeStory Here:

Akisa Wandera:Akisa 2

  1. Studied at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication – Akisa Wandera is on the unwinding list of KIMC alumni who grace our TV screens, Radio airwaves, studios etc. The South B-based college has stamped its name in practical training of unmatched talents in the media industry.
  2. She is the youngest News Anchor – While most prime time anchors are in their late 20s and 30s, Akisa Wandera is only 24.
  3. She is not married – It is not clear if Wandera is seeing someone. But by the time of going to press, our little buddy had confirmed that the sensational lulu is not married.
  4. Akisa has been at Ebru TV, which is said to be folding, for more than a year now. Before joining Ebru, she was at GBS, a very exploitative TV station, pretending to be doing God’s work.
  5. Best Presenter of the Year – In 2015, Akisa was the first runners up in the category of Best Presenter of the year, during Media Council’s, Annual Journalism Excellence Awards



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