4 CV Writing TIPS from MAKAU MUTUA résumé

Makau Mutua is out of the Chief Justice race. He won’t be president of the Supreme Court after the Judicial Service Commission left him out. Makau Mutua is well read. And even as the debate as to why the outspoken lawyer was ‘eliminated’ from the list rages, his CV caught the eye of many Kenyans. Though the overly loaded and fat CV didn’t help him, here are a few lessons to pick from Makau’s resume.

  1. Avoid long CVs. Where specified, stick to the instructions. Makau Mutua’s CV ran into tens of pages. Some sources say it was 84 pages. This is defeintely not the longest CV in +254, but who has all that time to browse an anthropology handout? It doesn’t matter if yours is 3 pages plus references.
  2. Do not be wordy. Concentrate your CV. Avoid repetition and overemphasizing points. Use strong verbs. Unless the recipient lacks intellectual acuity, don’t be trivial. Why spend paragraphs talking about your hobbies?
  3. Do not brag. Be cautious when describing your achievements and experience. You are looking for a job and not after proving a point. Bragging does not make you standout. You go down flat. Handing in a CV that is full of yourself is as good as leaving your application with the gateman ‘soja’; it gets nowhere.
  4. Publications – Published works can really boost your CV during vetting. It shows a mastery of the field. If you are published, ‘somehow’ you are a credible source. But who publishes you matters more than what you write. Peer reviewed articles or Scholarly articles appearing in journals put you ahead of other applicants. Makau is well-published in both local and international media. But haven’t you heard that ‘Gazeti ni ya kufunga nyama.’

Hope these four lessons help you. Do not hand-in a booklet in the name of a CV when your prospective employer is after 2 pages. You liked it? Why not share with friends and Cc Makau Mutua 🙂



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